Liberal Arts


Music, Theatre, and Dance


Music therapy, Autism

Areas of Expertise

Developmental disabilities

Blythe LaGasse

LaGasse focuses on music therapy, with an emphasis on the use of music to improve communication and cognitive skills in children with developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorders.

LaGasse established the Undergraduate Music Therapy Research Academy, where CSU music therapy students have the opportunity to engage in research with peers from across the university in collaboration with the Brainwaves Research Lab, which focuses on interdisciplinary neuroscience and music research. In 2020, she started a collaboration with the University of Colorado Hospitals on the use of music therapy and virtual reality for pain control in palliative care.

Lagasse, who teaches courses in music therapy methods, practice and research, received the CSU Board of Governor’s Excellence in Undergradate Teaching Award in 2021, and the College of Liberal Arts Excellence in Teaching Award in 2016.

LaGasse received her B.M. in Music Therapy from the University of Kansas, her M.M. in Music and Music Therapy from CSU, and her Ph.D. in Music Therapy and Communication Neuroscience from the University of Kansas.