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6 Best Fall Getaways In Colorado 2022

Outlet: MSN

September 23, 2022

MSN: Home to Colorado State University, the city of Fort Collins comes alive with tens of thousands of college students every autumn.

Why you should keep your lights off in Denver this week

Outlet: Fox 31 Denver

September 23, 2022

Fox 31 Denver: The Colorado State University Aeroeco Lab estimates 6.1 million birds will fly over Colorado on the night of Sept. 12, with roughly 11,000 flying over the Denver metro.

Annual tarantula ‘migration’ begins in southeastern Colorado

Outlet: Channel 7 Denver

September 23, 2022

Channel 7 Denver: Instead, you can call it a walkabout, said Maia Holmes, an entomologist with the College of Agricultural Sciences’ Department of Agricultural Biology. She was interviewed about the creatures on Colorado State University’s new podcast, “The Audit.”