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Horse gets his legs back under him after a tumultuous journey

Outlet: The Fence Post

November 19, 2021

The Fence Post: In 2014, Gerard took Joker to the James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Colorado State University to be the first Wobbler patient as a part of a new study headed by Dr. Yvette Nout-Lomas, associate professor …

Colorado’s First 2-Year Engineering Program Announced

Outlet: Inside Higher Ed

November 19, 2021

Inside Higher Ed: The new associate of engineering science degree will allow students to transfer to the University of Colorado, Colorado State University or Colorado School of Mines to continue their engineering education or work as engineering technicians in the …

Warehouses are overwhelmed by America’s shopping spree

Outlet: Wisconsin Public Radio

November 19, 2021

Wisconsin Public Radio: “It’s not that the system is broken. [Warehouses] are just totally, totally overwhelmed,” says Zac Rogers, assistant professor of supply chain management at Colorado State University.

This Colorado ‘solar garden’ is literally a farm under solar panels

Outlet: Minnesota Public Radio

November 19, 2021

Minnesota Public Radio: They eventually did, with help from researchers at nearby Colorado State University and the National Renewable Energy Lab, which had been studying how to turn all that otherwise unused land beneath solar panels into a place to …

Why is COVID so bad right now in Colorado? There are plenty of guesses.

Outlet: Colorado Public Radio

November 19, 2021

Colorado Public Radio: “It’s gotta be these pockets of unvaccinated individuals interacting and allowing the virus to still spread. That would be my best guess,” said Jude Bayham, an assistant professor at Colorado State University with the state’s COVID-19 modeling …