Warner College of Natural Resources


Ecosystem Science and Sustainability


Natural Resources Management, Student success

Areas of Expertise

wildfires, forest restoration

Monique Rocca

Rocca, associate dean for academic affairs in the Warner College of Natural Resources,
studies how forests change after fires or due to climate change or pest outbreaks.

In her role as associate dean, Rocca works with faculty to ensure success for students of all backgrounds.

Rocca is also co-chair of the University-wide Council for Gender Equity on the Faculty, which is working on ways to recognize faculty service, support non-tenured faculty on equitable pay and ensuring a viable career pathway, and to support parents and women who, studies have shown, are statistically more likely to fall behind on research, grant submissions and publications due to COVID-19.

Rocca received her B.S. in biological sciences from Stanford University in 1996. She earned her Ph.D. in ecology from Duke University in 2004.