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Eric Aoki

Aoki focuses on intercultural communication, identity, voice and cultural representations in media and the public space. His cross-cultural advocacy includes work with Colorado State University student diversity offices and other diversity-based causes.

In addition to teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate level, for which he has received many awards, Aoki is part of a transdisciplinary team working to enhance electrification and sustainability in rural villages in Rwanda. His role in the smart village micro-grid project is to assist with surveying and assessing the impact of electrification on family households and village life.

His publication titles include “Mexican American Ethnicity in Biola, CA: An ethnographic account of hard work, family, and religion” in The Howard Journal of Communications, and “Spaces of remembering and forgetting: The reverent eye/I at the Plains Indian Museum” in Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies with his co-authors Brian Ott and Greg Dickinson.

Aoki earned his master’s degree from California State University, Fresno, and his Ph.D. from the University of Washington.