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Areas of Expertise

Air quality, Air pollution, Public health

David Rojas-Rueda

Dr. David Rojas-Rueda’s primary research focuses on promoting a healthy urban design, supporting mitigation and adaptation to climate change. David is an environmental epidemiologist with over 10 years of experience evaluating the health impacts of urban and transport planning policies, related to air pollution, traffic noise, green spaces, heat island effects, physical activity and traffic accidents. He has worked in several countries around Europe, Africa and Latin and North America. David specializes in methods such as health impact assessment, populational risk assessment, the burden of disease and citizen science. His research actively involves citizens, stakeholders and local and national authorities. He is also a member of the university’s Partnership of Air Quality, Climate, and Health. He has active collaborations with United Nation agencies, such as the World Health Organization, the Pan-American Health Organization, and UN-Habitat.