Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering


Chemical & Biological Engineering



Areas of Expertise

tissue engineering, Cancer reearch

Ashok Prasad

Prasad works on several projects at the interface of the physical sciences and engineering with biology, using mathematical and computational methods as well as experiments, in collaboration with scientists in several disciplines at Colorado State University.

Research areas of interest include cellular biomechanics and the determination of cell shape, the theoretical properties of signaling and gene transcription networks, synthetic biology, systems biology of plants, identification of network aberrations in cancer using machine learning, and genome-scale metabolic modeling.

Prasad’s research centers on developing quantitative and predictive models for molecular and cellular biology by using tools and methods from the engineering and physical sciences, in particular chemical kinetics and statistical mechanics.

Prasad did his postdoctoral work at MIT, where he worked on building computational models for understanding T-cell behavior and development. Prasad earned his Ph.D. in theoretical soft condensed matter physics from Brandeis University in 2006. Prior to earning his Ph.D., he was a professor of economics at the University of Delhi.