CSU entomologist: Southern Colorado’s tarantulas are on the move, looking for love

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Stacy Nick


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It’s that time of year again, when thousands of eight legged arachnids come out of their southeastern Colorado hiding places, looking for love. 

Despite often being referenced as the annual tarantula “migration,” the spiders aren’t actually traveling through, they’re year-round residents. They’re just much more visible during the late summer and early fall mating season. 

Audit podcast host Stacy Nick spoke with Maia Holmes, an entomologist with the College of Agricultural Sciences’ Department of Agricultural Biology and director of Colorado State University’s hands-on traveling insect exhibit, the Bug Zoo, to find out a little more about this annual mating trek.

Media can find the podcast, along with a transcript at https://col.st/A9pou. All content is available for use, and Holmes is available for media interviews.