People and Stories–Colorado State University Recovers from Flood (Number 6)

Not all disasters start out with ominous signs. For Rick Ginsberg, director of the School of Education, and Lauri Herrmann-Ginsberg, coordinator in Instructional Services, the flash flood that rolled through campus the evening of July 28 was prefaced that afternoon by the arrival of a healthy baby.

Alexandra Jayne was born at 2:23 p.m. at Poudre Valley Hospital, which was untouched by the flood.

"We were high and dry," Ginsberg said. "I was frankly shocked when I heard about the flood." Mother and daughter made it safely home from the hospital two days later.

Alexandra isn’t the first child born to Ginsberg during turbulent weather. Matthew, Ginsberg’s son by a previous marriage, was born in 1985 during Hurricane Juan in New Orleans, where Ginsberg was a faculty member at the University of New Orleans.

"I think I’d better keep a close eye on severe weather forecasts from now on," Ginsberg said.